Welcome to Project Health Radio!

"Project Health is a great community program for our listeners.  It keeps important issues like health top of mind as they should be."

Nicole Claps, Program Coordinator

WKQX-FM,Chicago IL

"Project Health is a great program.  We really enjoy the diversity of topics from week to week."

Kerry Popp, Director of Public Affairs

WAAF-FM, Boston, MA

"My announcement that we would be would be airing a new health show on the weekends was met with a yawn...until our listeners heard it! Project Health is no ordinary health show; from insightful topics and information to interesting guests and fun. Project Health can inject life into any daypart...I know it does on our weekends!"

Jon Lindquist, Operations/Production Director

KLAV-AM Radio, Las Vegas, NV

Project Health is a half-hour public affairs radio program which began airing on stations across the United States in July, 2006. The US radio audience and the popularity of health topics have never been higher among people of all ages.

Project Health is provided to affiliates free of charge. It is produced weekly in Chicago by The Health Radio Project, Inc. (THRP), a nonprofit organization incorporated in compliance with all applicable laws of the State of Illinois and the IRS. We adhere to the strictest standards and ethics of professional broadcasting, with a clear responsibility for accurate information.

Project Health provides the latest news and information on health and well being from doctors, authors, researchers and patients. THRP’s Mission Statement reads, in part: “We will engage in mass media communication of the latest research, development, breakthroughs and treatment. Discussed will be everyday physical challenges, fitness and safety, women’s issues, cancer, elder care, mental health, sexual health, including STD prevention and other issues of good health.”

Most programs focus on a particular area. Summer issues, including heat and sun exposure, might be covered one week, sickle cell anemia another, breast cancer the next, followed by allergies. The format primarily includes interviews, with a minimum of host “chat.” Project Health presents its affiliates with the opportunity to air, at no cost, a quality health and well-being show which also helps fulfill requirements for Public Service.

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